Dustop Air Filters Ltd manufactures, supplies and delivers all types of Air Conditioning and Ventilation filters – this includes grease and carbon filters. We cover the South East and can supply nationwide. We can also provide you with a free site survey and report to ensure optimal cost effectiveness.
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1. Fibreglass & Synthetic Panels G3-4 (EU3-4)

Low resistance filters suitable for the protection of plant and equipment or as a pre-filter to extend the life of bag or other high-efficiency filters. Available in standard and special sizes and thicknesses.

2. Pleated Panels G4 (EU4)

The increased area of this mesh – backed pleat results in low resistance and long filter life at high air velocities.

3. Pad & Frame Filters G2-4 (EU2-4)

Alternative to panels where frequent changing of media is required or in damp conditions. Easy changing of pads. Results in reduced filter cost.

4. Media & Autoroll Refills G2-4 (EU2-4)

Media in pad or roll form for replacement in pad frames. Refills for auto-roll filters.

5. Fan Coil Filters G2-3 (EU2-3)

Wire framed synthetic, polyfoam cleanable, or pad and frame type.

6. Synthetic Bag Filters G4-F5 (U4-5)

Economical medium efficiency low resistance bag filters, available in any required size and design. Suitable for a variety of applications.

7. Multipocket Bag Filters F6-8 (EU6-8)

Manufactured from scrim-backed micro-fine glass fibre or synthetic media as required. For general air conditioning giving a high efficiency on sooty particles to reduce ceiling and decor staining. EU6 – orange, EU7 – pink, EU8 – yellow. Available in many sizes and designs.

8. Semi Absolute Filters F6-H10 (EU7-8)

Medium to high grade pleated paper filters of rigid construction with galvanised cases, header frames optional. For general and high specification systems. Always use in conjunction with pre-filter.

9. Extended Surface Filters F6-H10 (EU7-8)

The very high surface area and specification of these filters will give a minimal initial resistance coupled with maximum filter life when used in conjunction with a good quality pre-filter.

10. High-efficiency Panel Filters F7-F8 (EU7-8)

High efficiency filters with a card or galvanised cases for use in free standing computer room units. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

11. Grease Filters

Galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel construction for use in kitchen extract systems, available in a variety of sizes and widths.

12. Grease Filter Housings

Aluminium or stainless steel, designed for easy installation to accept a range of standard grease filters.

13. Carbon Filter Cells

For the removal of odours and fumes, available as traditional housings with replaceable carbon panels, or totally disposable units. Specially impregnated carbons available for museum or specific fume applications. Use only with pre-filter of EU4 or above.

14. Carbon Bag Filters

Used where a more economical alternative to traditional carbon cells is required or where the fitting of larger carbon cells is not practical. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

15. Carbon Pleated Panel Filters

For use instead of or in conjunction with pre-filters, for control of low concentration odours.

16. Absolute (H.E.P.A.) Filters H10-H14 (EU10-14)

Traditional absolutes available in timber or galvanised cases with aluminium or Kraft spacers in 4 grades and variety of sizes.

17. High Capacity Absolutes EU10-14

Advanced close pleated media technology enables these filters to be manufactured without separators allowing them to handle a much higher than normal air volume at much lower resistances, leading to a greatly increased filter life.

18. Clean Room Filters H13-H14 (EU13-14)

Close pleat type filters available in panel form for use in laminar flow benches and fixed ceiling housings or in hooded form as totally disposable units with integral diffusers and spigots for circular duct connections to fit direct into grid ceilings.

19. Absolute Filter Housings

Available in a range of sizes to suit all Hepa filters as terminal housings, with a variety of casings and diffusers, or for duct mounting with circular spigots as shown.

20. Filter Holding Frames

Front, rear or side withdrawal housings available in any reasonable size, for all types of filter, designed for simple site installation. Also available – ‘P’ clips and self-adhesive neoprene seal for refurbishing existing installations.

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